Beginning investors can acquire a new and exciting educational tool that will help them with investing and financial planning. How to Conquer Wall Street: An Introduction to Investing and Financial Planning is a self-study financial literacy course that is effective and efficient.

The How to Conquer Wall Street program concentrates on 4 skill sets. These skill sets are: 1) understanding the types of investments; 2) learning a process for selecting investments; 3) developing a process for monitoring investments; and 4) learning how to execute transactions. The How to Conquer Wall Street program is uniquely designed to allow investors to bypass or repeat subjects in order to accommodate the individual needs of different investors.

Investors can order the Hardcover Edition or the Student's Edition.

For $70, The Hardcover Edition includes:

For $18, The Student's Edition includes:

We offer price reductions for bulk purchases. For quote contact a representative at or

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