How to Conquer Wall Street:
An Introduction to Investing
and Financial Planning

Information Booklet (PDF document)

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Other Sources: As discussed in the Informational CD, these are excellent sources to use for selecting and monitoring investments.
New York Times
US Securities & Exchange Commission
Department of Commerce

Financial Planners: After familiarizing yourself with the various investment options available, you can seek the assistance of a financial planner to prepare your investment portfolio. These are just a few sources to help you find a financial planner near you.
Ariel Capital
Charles Schwab
Merril Lynch
Morgan Stanley

Online Brokerage Services: After understanding the various investment options available to you, you may decide to execute transactions yourself. Here are two online brokers you may find helpful.

Suggested Reading: These books can be used to reinforce and augment the information contained in the CD.
The Essential Buffet: Timeless Principles For The New Economy
by Robert G. Hagstrom
One up on Wall Street: How to Use What You Know to Make Money in The Market
by Peter Lynch
The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy
by Thomas Stanley
Liar's Poker: Rising Through The Wreckage on Wall Street
by Michael Lewis

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