The Chicago Source is a publisher of financial information (“Informational CDs”) for schools, individuals and businesses . The Chicago Source has taken notice of people’s need for instantaneous access to volumes of information from numerous sources. In direct response to this new phenomenon, the Chicago Source was founded to provide innovative media products to an information-driven society. The Company’s media products combine multiple sources of information into one program that provides users with a comprehensive understanding of the respective subject area.

Informational CDs
The Chicago Source has developed a unique process for transforming complicated subjects into manageable and practical information. In many cases, people are not able to research important information due to their occupational, scholastic, or familial responsibilities. As such, The Chicago Source identifies voluminous subjects that are in market demand. Then, The Chicago Source researches these areas extensively. Subsequently, the Company condenses and simplifies this information into the most effective, manageable, and practical format. Additionally, the Informational CD is supported with other sources of information such as booklets, websites, and publications.

The Chicago Source’s CDs offer numerous advantages to learning complex subjects. The Chicago Source performs all the needed research for a subject. Then, it provides this information in a condensed format that includes a number of different information sources for the user. The Informational CD user emerges with a great deal of information that will enable him/her to make superb decisions.

The Chicago Source will release a number of informational CDs in 2003 that will be pertinent to your personal and professional goals. We invite you to become a subscriber of the Chicago Source!

The Chicago Source also publishes audiobooks. This division of The Chicago Source converts previously published books into audio form. The Company concentrates on books that have been written about complex subject areas. Basically, the previously published books are conveyed in a story telling fashion. It provides the user with the option to utilize an alternative learning method to grasp complex subject areas.

Other Media
Other Media is intended to serve institutional users of complex information. The Chicago Source produces custom designed CD-Rom for corporations. This product uses audio, graphic interfaces, and text to convey certain complex information to a corporation’s employees. Corporations will find Other Media useful for presentations, training courses, orientations, and employee manuals.

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